The Customer Cycle

CRM Solutions for Auto, Motorcycle, Powersports, RV and Marine Dealers

The Customer Cycle should be its own “circle of life” beginning as an interest in a product or service, or Sales Lead. With an effective selling process, the Sales Lead becomes the Sold Customer. Finally, with proper care and ongoing attention, the Customer Relationship is developed throughout the Ownership Cycle, offering the Business many future opportunities to take care of the Customer’s needs. The result is greater Business Stability.

Dealer Resources Inc. has over 20 years of experience developing and delivering CRM solutions for Auto, Motorcycle, Powersport, RV and Marine Dealers. We are experts in direct Customer Contact, Electronic Feedback and Targeted Direct Marketing and offer a range of solutions designed to achieve higher levels of customer loyalty, business stability and long-term profitability.

Our services can be tailored to individual dealership needs. Every process or solution offered by Dealer Resources Inc is measured to ensure the Dealer is maximizing the Return on Investment. Fees for services are based on actual units sold or serviced , simplifying the budgeting process.