Repeat Customers Are The Best Source For New Business

Dealer Resources Inc has been providing Auto, Motorcycle, Powersports, RV and Marine Dealers with customer relationship management (CRM) solutions since 1998.

We believe the best way to achieve the strongest relationships with the customer base involves an team effort. It starts with the dealership's Sales Team utilizing the Dealer's sales process to win the sale. Once the Customer has taken delivery, our Critical Contact Point™ (CCP™) solution will provide consistent, high quality contact with the Customer. For more than 18 years, our third party approach has provided Dealers with candid, real-time feedback from Customers allowing the dealership to examine the way it relates to its Customers. Our contacts also assure higher quality contact information and detailed history to ensure more successful future marketing efforts.

We are experts in data management, data mining and analysis. Once we have captured customer data, our ability to utilize that data through our Targeted Direct Marketing™ (TDM™) Virtual Business Development Centre solution is virtually unlimited.

Our Targeted Direct Marketing ™strategy is designed to get the message to the broader customer base , then filter the pipeline down to legitimate leads using our BDC service.

Customer Relationship Management Solutions